Happy Halloween & Caring For Braces

Happy Halloween from Meister Orthodontics!
Posted on 10/05/2020

Happy Halloween & Tips to Care for Your Teeth


Halloween is an exciting time of year for children, teens, and adults. Almost everyone is deciding what to dress up as, which Halloween party to go to, and how much candy to eat. At Meister Orthodontics, we want our patients to enjoy the festivities and we also want them to care for their braces appropriately while following their orthodontic treatment plan. 

Halloween - kids carrying candy buckets

Oral Hygiene & Braces During Halloween 


This Halloween, Meister Orthodontics wants to remind all patients to keep up their oral hygiene routine and follow these simple guidelines to avoid decay and cavities: 

  • Brush effectively at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. Additionally, we recommend brushing your teeth after every meal, especially after eating candy. 
  • Floss at least once per day, making sure to get all the hard to reach spots between your braces and wires. 
  • Use mouthwash for a final rinse to ensure all the sugar has been rinsed from your teeth and gums. 


Best Halloween Candy for Braces


At Meister Orthodontics, we hate to see kids come in the day after Halloween with broken braces and missing wires. We do not want our patients to miss out on the fun of Halloween, but we do want them to take some precautions concerning their orthodontic treatment. The following candies are normally fine to eat in moderation:

Chocolate: chocolate is a pretty good choice for everyone, even those wearing braces. It melts naturally in your mouth and has very little risk of damage to your wires and brackets. 

Peanut Butter Cups: similar to chocolate, peanut butter cups melt easily and have a smooth consistency that will not disturb your braces. 

Milky Way: once again, chocolate is your friend here. Milky Ways are made primarily of chocolate, with a caramel center. Although we do not usually recommend a sticky candy like caramel, in Milky Ways, the caramel is fairly soft. There is no real risk to your braces while enjoying this treat.

We recommend avoiding all candies that are hard like Jolly Ranchers and sticky like Starbursts and Toffee. These are the usual culprits who will bend and break your wires and brackets. 

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