Foods To Avoid If You Have Braces

Foods To Avoid If You Have Braces
Posted on 06/30/2021

Orthodontic Care in Minneapolis, MN

At Meister Orthodontics, Dr. Tammy Meister works with patients in every phase of their braces journey and knows from experience which foods are friend or foe. Our dental practice provides the highest standard of care, with results to last a lifetime, and strives to give you the best outcome guaranteed. To help achieve these goals, here is some advice from your St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN orthodontist, about foods to avoid if you wear braces.

Chewy, Sour Candy

This one is a triple threat of ingredients that are no good for braces. Not only is the excess of sugar in these sweets a major cause of decay, but the acid used to make it sour can also eat away at the enamel. Because it’s chewy it will get gunked up in your braces appliance and can even pull wires out of place.

Whole Fruits and Veggies

Make sure that when you eat your fruits and veggies, you cut them into little bite-sized pieces. Chomping on a whole apple or carrot is a recipe for broken wires and loosened brackets, which will require extra orthodontist visits to repair.

Hard Nuts and Seeds

Anything that requires excessive force to crack should be kept away from braces. Even without delicate appliances, too-tough food can sometimes chip enamel or crack teeth, so when you add your complex braces, brackets, and wires to the equation, there is a lot that can get broken eating hard nuts, and pieces of sunflower seed shells can get lodged in braces.


Without braces, chewing gum can help keep your teeth clean, but with braces, it can be one of the most annoying and damaging foods. It is almost guaranteed to get tangled in your brackets and wires and could pull a couple of things loose. It definitely won’t be a smooth and pleasant experience to chew, so set it aside for now.

Contact Your Minneapolis, MN Orthodontist

If you have any questions about your favorite foods, and whether or not they’re braces-safe, contact Meister Orthodontics and our team will work with you to create a satisfying and effective treatment plan. If you’re ready to start your braces journey with any of our highly advanced programs from Invisalign to traditional metal braces, request an appointment or contact us today!