First Aid Tips for Braces and Orthodontics

First Aid Tips for Braces and Orthodontics
Posted on 04/07/2022

Braces have been tested for decades and are an extremely safe way to straighten your teeth but in some rare cases, things can come loose and possibly damage the inside of your mouth if left untreated. Here at Meister Orthodontics, your local orthodontist in St Paul MN, it is our mission to help our patients achieve the smile of their dreams with affordable and effective orthodontic care which means making sure that you know how to prevent any problems should something go amiss during your treatment. If you do experience an issue with your braces or retainer, you may wonder “Should I seek immediate treatment at an orthodontist near me?” Luckily there are simple steps you can follow before visiting your local orthodontist. Here is everything you need to know about braces first aid and what to do if you encounter an issue with your braces or retainer.

Broken Wires

While traditional braces use steel wires that are durable and difficult to damage, a forceful impact or a piece of very hard food could bend or even break the wires of your braces. If you find that there is a broken wire protruding from your braces you should follow these steps:

  • Try to push the wire back to its original position so that it does not point outwards into your gums or cheeks (this can be done with your hands or with needle-nose pliers if necessary)
  • If the wire does not return to its original position, you can cover the pointed end of the wire with a piece of gum to protect the inside of your mouth
  • Call your local orthodontist and schedule a visit so an orthodontic professional can take a look at your braces and re-secure the wire so that your orthodontic treatment can resume

Missing Loose Brackets and Broken Retainers

In the event that one of your brackets comes off or if your retainer is cracked and broken, here’s what you can do to ensure that you don’t damage your braces or the inside of your mouth:

  • Collect all the pieces of your retainer or brackets that might have fallen off your teeth (if you have swallowed a piece, do not worry, just make sure to consume fibrous food like bread and cereal to help it pass)
  • Call Meister Orthodontics and schedule an appointment so that an orthodontic professional can repair your braces or retainer

Schedule A Visit With Your Saint Paul Orthodontist

If you have wondered “Which orthodontist near me is best for treating broken braces,” you’ve come to the right place. Here at Meister Orthodontics, your local orthodontist in St Paul, MN, we are prepared to help you resolve whatever issues may arise during your orthodontic treatment but we also believe that the best thing you can do for your treatment is to prevent issues with regular checkups. Scheduling regular visits at our conveniently located offices in St Paul will allow our experienced doctors to monitor your treatment and make sure that there are no signs of wear or damage. Contact Meister Orthodontics today to learn more first aid tips for braces or to schedule an appointment using our online portal. We look forward to hearing from you!