Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics
Posted on 11/15/2020

Adult orthodontic care is different for many reasons. Not only have the patient's bones stopped growing, but their treatment must also account for a longer dental history, which may include prior treatment such as veneers, fillings, and crowns, or be affected by medications, habits like smoking, and the simple fact of many more years of wear and tear. Adult teeth cannot be encouraged to grow in a different direction, and so it can be more complicated to change their position, but there are incredible treatment plans out there and age should never prevent you from achieving the smile of your dreams.

Never too Late to Start

It is never too late to start your orthodontic journey. The types of treatment available change with age, but their effectiveness does not. A more comprehensive approach may be required, and can include braces, expanders, retainers, and sometimes even jaw surgery, but the practical and aesthetic improvements that are possible are always worth it.

Best Preventative Care

Orthodontics in adulthood can greatly decrease your risk of developing dental problems later in life. Tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss and bone loss are issues that largely affect older patients, and the prevention of these conditions is a lifelong project. Correcting malocclusions in the bite with orthodontic treatment prevents teeth from wearing away, allows for more effective cleaning, and leads to healthier gums, teeth and bones.

Cutting Edge Technology

If you are concerned about having visible braces as an adult, do not worry. Invisalign is an incredible, almost undetectable treatment that suits many adult's orthodontic needs. Even if metal braces are the best option for you, there are more adults receiving orthodontic treatment than ever before, as we continue to discover the advantages afforded by a functional and beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Not only can orthodontics and surgery enhance the teeth, they can have a beautifying effect on the entire face, improving facial harmony, profile, and overall shape. Additionally, aligning teeth and correcting the bite first means that any surface veneers, crowns, corrective dental work or implants you get later on, will be much more permanent and effective.

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