Orthodontic treatment has always been effective at adjusting slightly misaligned teeth and helping those patients achieve a beautiful smile with ease but when it came to more severely malocclusions and patients with missing teeth, orthodontists ran into the problem of needing external anchor points to precisely control the adjustment of out of place teeth. This led to unfortunate looking and inconvenient practices like headgear and external braces that is, until TADs came along. Otherwise known as Temporary Anchorage Devices, TADs are a safe and effective way to provide more exact orthodontic treatment for patients who need it. Here at Meister Orthodontics, your St Paul MN orthodontics experts, we have been proudly brightening smiles in the twin cities area for over 20 years, which is why we use TADs to make sure we can help all kinds of patients achieve the smiles of their dreams!

What Are TADs?

If you are wondering “which orthodontist near me has the most versatile range of orthodontic treatments?” look no further. Meister Orthodontics specializes in orthodontic treatments for a range of patients and a range of orthodontic conditions. TADs, also known as Temporary Anchorage Devices, are an essential option in our arsenal of treatments for patients without place teeth or missing teeth. TADs provide a supplementary anchor point in addition to the teeth so that our orthodontic treatment can be more precise and take less time. Using a biocompatible anchor attached to the jaw bone, TADs eliminate the need for headgear and other uncomfortable treatments by providing an extra anchor point inside the mouth. Talk to your St Paul, MN Orthodontics provider to learn more about the process of installing and removing TADs.

Are TADs Right For You?

Every smile is different, which is why here at Meister Orthodontics we treat each patient with specialized orthodontic care. The best way to find out if TADs are right for you is to come into our office to meet with one of our St Paul MN orthodontics experts. TADs are not necessary for every patient who wants orthodontic treatment, but they are extremely helpful for straightening out the smiles of patients with more severe misalignments and specific tooth misplacements. If you’ve been wondering: “Is there an orthodontist near me that specializes in TADs?” Meister Orthodontics has the answer you’ve been looking for. Find out if TADs are right for you and how we can help you get the straight smile you’ve always wanted by contacting Meister Orthodontics.

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