Does AcceleDent Speed Up Invisalign Treatment?

Does AcceleDent Speed Up Invisalign Treatment?
Posted on 10/13/2021

What Is AcceleDent? Can it speed up treatment? AcceleDent is a relatively new device that uses soft pulse technology and cyclic forces to accelerate the movement of teeth by up to 50%. It is used as a component of regular orthodontic treatment, such as with traditional braces or Invisalign. At Meister Orthodontics, we offer AcceleDent to patients who are going through orthodontic treatment. If you are someone who wants to speed up their treatment, AcceleDent can be a great option. Here is what to know about this new technology, and how it can help you!

How Does AcceleDent Work? Does It Work With Invisalign?

AcceleDent uses very gentle vibrations to accelerate tooth movement by increasing bone cell activity (osteoclasts and osteoblasts). The device is used for around 20 minutes per day (hands-free) while wearing your Invisalign or other types of braces. Micro-pulses are gently transmitted through the mouthpiece to both the upper and lower jaw.

For Invisalign, you would usually change your Invisalign trays every 20 weeks and are worn for about 22 hours a day. With AcceleDent, you can change to a new set of aligners every 7 to 9 days instead of every 2 weeks. This can speed up your treatment time length from 12 to about 6-8 months instead.

Why Speed Up Treatment?

For many, this can be essential because they want their smile to be straight before a big event or special occasion. For others, they just don’t want to have to wear Invisalign (or even other types of braces) for a long time. Speeding up results without having to compromise orthodontic treatment is a big bonus for many, and is now a reality! No matter what the reason is, AcceleDent is a great option to take advantage of in the orthodontic market.

Get AcceleDent at Meister Orthodontics!

Come speed up your orthodontic treatment at Meister Orthodontics! We offer AcceleDent and other types of treatment options that can work for you. Dr. Meister and his staff work hard to provide expert, comprehensive care to all who come through our St. Paul office. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today! We are happy to schedule a consultation for you. We can’t wait to give you a straighter, healthier smile for a lifetime!